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“Spreading love throughout the land, one cookie at a time” continues to be our mission at TheBestCookie.com. Our cookies have served as goodwill ambassadors on five continents, an achievement of which we are very proud.

The attractive tins that TheBestCookie.com originally used for shipping its products did not fully match the nutritional philosophy that underlay the products. Using many organic ingredients in our bakery items—and giving meticulous attention to product detail—we long had agonized over this inconsistency while seeking a more feasible packaging option.

To bridge that gap, we now use, happily, earth-friendly packaging and shipping materials that are made from renewable resources;
use 100% recyclable materials; minimize landfill impact; and employ eco-friendly printing. You can now be assured that when you order from TheBestCookie.com you are buying cookies that are not only nutritionally sound and tasty but are also packaged and shipped in eco-friendly materials.

Marcia Flanigan, the executive chef of TheBestCookie.com, loves cookies, a simple pleasure to be enjoyed by all ages. Appreciating the egalitarian nature of food has been her passion, and cookies being the sentimental comfort food, she is thrilled by the levity they inspire.

Love, cook, share, and enjoy; life is good.

Comfort Cuisine has a long-standing reputation for excelling in all arenas of a great event—the food, the service, the related attention, and the love for what we do.

Happy to be happy!™

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